The quality of the wine depends on the good manners adopted between the land and the people. A demanding care, of details and of each moment, from the vineyard to the cellar, until the packaging.


The terroir owes much to the earth, to the soil. It is in itself a "living environment", a place of interaction: a source of energy from which the vine draws its nutrients and composes the secret alchemy of the colors, aromas and flavors of its grapes.

It is in these soils that the grape varieties find a perfect ground for expression. The land, with its microclimate and its specific altitude, determines the typicity of Climat.

Working the soil in the vineyards of Domaine Mia


The estate now creates its own compost, based on vine shoots and cow manure, which is used as a fertilizer for the plantations.

The use of herbal and flower teas as well as honey from our beehives allows the vines to self-immune.

The beehives on the estate also help bring biodiversity back to the vineyard.


Domaine Mia strives to obtain high quality grapes and wines by cultivating the vines in an extremely respectful way, by limiting to the maximum human manipulations, to let Nature express itself at its best.

Our ambition is to go even further by moving towards biodynamics. In order to reach this goal, we have already put in place several practices and we continue to develop them progressively. The objective is to obtain the certification in the next few years.

Il s’agit d’un écosystème vertueux où la qualité du vin dépend des bonnes manières adoptées entre la terre et les hommes. Un soin exigeant, de détails et de chaque instant, de la vigne à la cave, apporté par Mia et toute l’équipe du domaine.


The attention to detail and respect for nature extends to the choice of packaging, which has been designed in an eco-responsible manner.

The stopper is made of natural cork and comes from a sustainable economy. The cap is made of pure recyclable aluminum. The label is made of paper from cotton fibers, FSC certified, treated with non-polluting inks (metal-free).

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