Domaine MIA is one of the largest estates on the Côte Chalonnaise today cultivated in organic farming and certified by Ecocert. It covers around twenty hectares, spread over appellations full of surprises and rising nuggets of Burgundy in Mercurey and Rully.

Le Clos la Marche, a long history at Domaine MIA


Domaine MIA is one of the largest estates on the Côte Chalonnaise today cultivated in organic farming, certified by Ecocert. It covers around twenty hectares, spread over appellations full of surprises and rising gems of Burgundy in Mercurey and Rully.

This Domaine is the result of a history made up of individuals, passion, legacies in ways of seeing and doing, but also of renewal under the impulse of new generations.

This history dates to 1860, which saw the birth of Clos La Marche on the Côte Chalonnaise coast, and whose heirs have ensured the sustainability for decades.


Mindful to extend this philosophy of a Nature to manoeuvre, while infusing new vitality and energy to the Domaine, its owner entrusts the keys to his daughter Mia in 2020. The new adventure bears her first name, Domaine MIA.

The young woman wishes to write a new chapter in the Domaine by infusing it with her touch, made of passion, commitment, modernity, and femininity.

With Domaine MIA, the land is combined with the feminine, and if experience is a central value, the ability to imagine the future, specific to a youth aware of environmental issues, is just as much.

Mia, therefore, bearer of new impulses, those of her generation and who intends to push the natural philosophy of the estate even further by committing it even more to biodynamics.

Domaine Mia, a new lease of life for women
L & #039; man and the vines at Domaine Mia


The development of wine-growing activity in Burgundy by monks in the Middle Ages recalls the sacred character of wine in this region. As a result, the expertise that developed at that time obviously aimed at excellence, the divine. This explains the high quality of wines from Bourgogne, renowned throughout Europe since the 15th century.

Humans first focused on understanding and making the best use of natural conditions. They have developed concepts essential to the identity of the Burgundy terroir, such as “Climats” or “Clos”.

Today, they still apply centuries-old know-how on all aspects of viticulture, pruning of the vines, comparison and selection of grape varieties, harvests or winemaking and wine aging processes, but they have been able to enrich knowledge with contributions from the life sciences and technology.


The time has come to make an act of memory and truth. Everything starts from the ground and it is time to return to it, as one returns to the original sources of an art. To restore the land to its rightful place and its letters of nobility. To take a fresh look at it: it is a living organism with its own intelligence, rhythms, and interdependencies.

The terroir owes a lot to the earth, to the soil. It is in itself a "living environment", a place of interaction: a source of energy from which the vine draws its nutrients and composes the secret alchemy of the colors, aromas and flavors of its grapes. It is in these soils that the grape varieties find a perfect ground for expression. The land, with its microclimate and its specific altitude, determines the typicity of each Climat.

Domaine Mia, terroir of Burgundy wines
Men at work in the vineyards of Domaine Mia


Our values, the sincerity of our approach, the commitment to the environment, to the women and men who work alongside us and to future generations, the respect for all living ecosystems, the community.

Thinking of nature as a whole, in a form of alchemy, of unity, of symbiosis, the quality, our guideline which designates the excellence of our wines but also our know-how, our way of doing things, meticulously, methodically, while being aware of what quality owes to the time we take.


If biodynamics is the central direction taken by Domaine Mia in accordance with a more respectful and global vision of Nature and the earth, co-energy could be the key word to describe the domain in its organization.

A synergy of human talents: so many different ages, experiences and expertise implemented to achieve the ambitions that the estate has set itself, while respecting its values.


Domaine MIA is an estate which allows a fine work of the soil and thus offers a richness of expression rather unique.
It covers only 18 hectares but it is one of the largest domains of the Côte Chalonnaise, cultivated exclusively organically.

It includes 6 Climats - Les Vasées, Le Clos la Marche, Les Rochelles, Les Caudroyes, Les Plantenays, Derrière Sazenays - which are all strong individualities, with singular climates and geological characteristics, requiring specific approaches.
They are worked "with a magnifying glass" and are the field of micro-innovations and constant adjustments, to the millimeter.

Vinification and maturation are carried out in our underground cellars in Nuits-Saint-Georges.

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