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David Duband, a precious help for the vinification of our wines

Creating a wine is an art which combines the talents of several stakeholders. The wines of Domaine MIA are a sublime alliance of the vision of Mia Subotic, owner of the estate, the cultivation of the vines by Alain Charleux, and the precision work of the estate's ecosystem of talents.
Among these speakers, there is one who handles the art of exceptional wine, it is David Duband, our wine expert. Focus on a key figure in the success of our wines.


Winemaking, what are we talking about?

Once the grapes are harvested, the vinification, intervenes to transform the grape into wine.
The essential stages of winemaking are destemming, pressing, maceration and fermentation.
All the subtlety of the work of vinification consists mainly in modulating and accompanying the fermentation.
The winemaker's choices at all these stages will give each vintage its style and character while seeking the best possible result.
Winemaking is a delicate operation, the smooth running of which depends on the expertise of the winemaker.


David Duband, a recognized expert in winemaking

David Duband is today considered one of the best winegrowers and winemakers in Burgundy. His expertise makes him a man who is well listened to in the region, recognized both by his peers and by lovers of fine wines. He wants to be faithful to the terroir and to the tradition, in the respect of the environment but does not refrain from freeing himself from the codes and to experiment.
He intervenes at different levels for the MIA domain, bringing his expertise to advise Mia Subotic, owner of the domain, but also Alain Charleux, our culture manager on more technical aspects, concerning crop choices.
It is at the origin of certain strong biases of Domaine MIA, such as that of returning to entire harvests. This ancient method of vinification in whole harvests is renowned for producing silky, airy and harmonious wines.
Another important choice is that of adding very little sulphites in our wines so as not to distort the aromas and let the fruit express itself.
These choices are only made possible thanks to the exceptional quality of the grapes harvested. They are the result of the care we take in the vines throughout the year, based on our principles of organic cultivation and oriented towards biodynamics, with respect for nature.

The wines of the estate are vinified in our underground cellars in Nuits-Saint-Georges and aged in French oak barrels.


A shared quality requirement

A very important step in the making of a wine, however, vinification is part of a journey that goes from culture to tasting.
Discovering David Duband's winemaking style was a revelation for Mia, who therefore naturally chose him to vinify our wines, sharing common values, know-how and precision.
We are happy and proud that David has joined Domaine MIA's talent ecosystem.


What does the person think about it?

“It was a real challenge for me to vinify other terroirs than the Côte de Nuits and a great motivation to apply my winemaking method to these other appellations.
40 to 50% of whole harvest brings femininity and complexity to these terroirs with a very mineral base. The punching down on the feet allows a gentle extraction in order to obtain a tannic structure in the finesse. The aging carried out with 20 to 25% of new barrels lasts about 10 months for white wines and 12 to 13 months for red wines.
Finally, the good alliance between respect for the vines and gentle vinification is part of a quality and committed approach of Domaine MIA. "



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