Mia breathes new life into the wines of Domaine MIA

Domaine MIA: A new lease of life for women

Domaine MIA is the result of a history made up of individuals, of passions, of heritages in the ways of seeing and doing, but also of renewal under the impulse of the new generations.
With Domaine MIA, the land is combined with the feminine, a growing trend in recent years in the world of wine, and if experience is a central value, the ability to imagine the future, specific of a youth aware of environmental issues, is just as important.


Mia, a committed owner

Domaine MIA is first and foremost the name of a commitment. One of a generation that makes it its duty to listen to what Nature is shouting at us: respect for its rhythms, necessary rest of its resources, global vision of ecosystems united and dependent on each other, soils respiration over a long time. Everything that biodynamics has placed at the heart of its approach.

Heiress of a past to be conjugated to the future

On the land of Bourgogne dedicated to wine-growing since the Middle Ages, the Domaine MIA is one of the largest estates of the Côte Chalonnaise cultivated in organic agriculture and its history goes back to 1860!

Mia, the bearer of new impulses, those of her generation, intends to push the natural philosophy of the estate even further by committing it even more to biodynamics. When it comes to wines, her taste is more towards airy wines. In relation to life, wine is for Mia a vector of conviviality but also the sign of an elegance of being. If she has committed herself to this wine business, it is with the intention of disrupting certain codes: to constitute an ecosystem of talents who share the common desire to create high quality, light and airy wines with respect for nature as a priority.

Towards a biodynamic estate

Passée la maîtrise du Bio, Mia souhaite désormais avec humilité et respect pour la Nature et les hommes, diriger sa viticulture vers la biodynamie, accompagnée du chef de culture du Domaine.

This practice, made of 1001 processes, sometimes confirmed, sometimes still in experimentation, allows a better harmony between men and Nature. A single goal: to dose the intervention of man and let Nature do its most prolific in order to obtain a perfect biotope mixing plants, minerals, animals and insects.

The trace that Mia Subotić intends to leave is the mark of an era that has become aware that we must produce and consume differently. The imprint finally of a human activity that wants to be as delicate as possible on nature.

At Domaine MIA, the ecosystem is also human

The team spirit fully animates Domaine MIA which has managed to unite around this beautiful project women and men who are just as committed and passionate.
Si la biodynamie constitue la direction prise pour la viticulture, elle pourrait se traduire par co-énergie si on l’applique à l’organisation du domaine. Une synergie de talents pour épauler Mia dans son projet.

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